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Dell Dimension 8300 wake on LAN

How to allow the Dell 8300 to power up from hibernate and power off mode when receiving a Magic Packet via the network card, in Windows XP Pro SP3.


Dell Dimension 8300, BIOS A07 (circa 2003/2004)
on board Intel PRO/100 VE Network Card

*Disclaimer : The following instructions are provided without any warranty. Please do it at your own risk. The writer is merely sharing what worked for him, and your milage may vary.

To allow the 8300 to wake up from a hibernate (S4) or power off (S5) state, check the following :


  • Search for DCCU (Dell Client Configuration Utility) at Dell – (The DCCU version tested here was 3.1)
  • – Install and run it in Windows XP, set the following :

WakeupOnLAN 6 = Enabled for all NICs

*Recommended to change this item alone only. Leave the other settings untouched to prevent accidentally messing up your BIOS. This item is DISABLED by default, and it is NOT visible in the 8300 BIOS.

  • If you do an Inventory reading (using the DCCU) of your 8300 BIOS, the WakeupOnLANMethod should be 3 (Magic Packet), and is  unchangable (Just have a look to confirm).
  • After setting the above WakeupOnLAN value 6, create the SETTING executable with the DCCU. Then run it. It will update your BIOS on-the-fly in XP.
  • Perform a reboot after this. Go into BIOS.
  • Check to ensure in BIOS > Power Management > Low Power Mode is DISABLED. (The BIOS help for this item says if left enabled, it will not power up from hibernate or off). Save BIOS settings and exit.
  • Boot into Windows XP.
  • In your Network Card Properties, Power Management tab, check Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby. Click OK to close the windows.
  • You’re done. Put it into hibernate or shutdown, and the LAN lights should be still on (so will your network router’s port indicator lights for the PC).
  • Test it using another PC, with Magic Packet tools from (Great  Site!)

Extra Titbits

The 8300 have a soft power function. Meaning when in a power off mode (S5), it can be started by software.

Try this little fun exercise :

  • Open up Start > Program > Accesories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks, set it to run the Calculator program, five minutes from your current time.
  • In the SETTINGS tab, tick the box marked Wake the computer to run this task.
  • Click OK and shutdown your PC.
  • Sit back and enjoy seeing your 8300 come alive in 5 minutes, all by itself. Pure magic !

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